Lirata is a small, independent not-for-profit organisation based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. We support the work of individuals and organisations who are responding to those in need. We partner widely to develop constructive solutions to social issues.

Each year we work on 25+ social impact projects with Australian and international partners.

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Vision, purpose and values


A socially just world in which power, resources and opportunities are shared equitably, all people are fully valued and included, and people live sustainably and free from violence, abuse and exploitation.


To advance social justice by strengthening the enablers and reducing the barriers to positive social change.


  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Collaboration and community
  • Positive effective change

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Image showing Lirata's values of Integrity, Learning, Collaboration & Community, and Positive Effective Change

Our work

We specialise in the health, community services, education and development sectors, within Australia and internationally.

We work with all tiers of government, service providers, peak bodies, advocacy organisations, socially engaged businesses and many others to assist them to:

  • Become more effective in achieving their social justice goals.
  • Achieve greater sustainability.
  • Adopt more ethical and empowering approaches.

We are a social enterprise, delivering our work through consultancy, capacity building and systems advocacy. We assist our partner organisations with monitoring and evaluation, organisational and program review, strategic and operational planning, organisational development, data systems development, training and mentoring.

We also develop new approaches, tools and frameworks for social justice work.

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Our plan

Lirata’s Strategic Plan sets out the key priorities for our work. Between 2018-22 we are focused on four main areas.

1. Strengthen social justice initiatives

Through high quality values-based consultancy we will support individuals and organisations to overcome barriers and undertake more effective, ethical, sustainable social justice work.

2. Build capacity for positive change

We will develop and share knowledge, skills, frameworks, tools and strategies for social justice, and build the capability and resilience of those working to address injustice.

3. Create space for social justice

Through strategic interventions in systems, processes and discourses, we will help to influence the social and political landscape so that social justice efforts can be more fruitful.

4. Build a vibrant, sustainable organisation

We will continue to develop and strengthen Lirata’s people, culture, structures, systems and resources so that we can work effectively in an environment we enjoy.

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Our Reconciliation Strategy

Lirata's Reconciliation Strategy outlines our commitment to supporting the aspirations of First Nations Peoples and Cultures across Australia.

We celebrate and learn from First Nations culture and ways of being.

We build strong connections with First Nations people so we can make our workplace more inclusive, create jobs, respect First Nations knowledge, and challenge racism.

We seek to create positive and lasting change by following the leadership of First Nations Australians in working toward a vision of First Nations self-determination.

We acknowledge that First Nations sovereignty was never ceded, and we seek practical and meaningful ways to honour that sovereignty. As part of this, we Pay the Rent as an organisation for our use of First Nations land.

Download Lirata's Reconciliation Strategy (PDF)

Our legal structure and funding

Lirata Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Australia. Our Constitution establishes us as a not-for-profit organisation. All income and property of Lirata is used to pursue our social justice purpose.

Lirata Ltd is not a charity. All of our work is focused on benefiting communities, vulnerable and disadvantaged people and the environment. As part of this we provide consultancy services to a broad range of organisations including governments and socially responsible businesses. This places us outside the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission definition of a charity.

Lirata is a social enterprise and is certified by Social Traders. We operate with a primary social purpose (to advance social justice). Our revenue is currently derived from trade via our fee-for-service consultancy and capacity building work, and we reinvest all profits towards our purpose. We are working to diversify our funding base so we can broaden our activities and work more with smaller organisations with limited resources.

Lirata Consulting is a registered business name of Lirata Ltd. The word Lirata and the Lirata flower logo are registered trademarks of Lirata Ltd.

Our name and history

Our Name

Our organisation is named after the Snow Daisy Bush, Olearia Lirata, a native Australian plant with beautiful white flowers which grows in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Our focus on social justice includes a commitment to appreciating and protecting our natural environment.

Our History

Lirata’s staff and Associates have worked in leadership, frontline, research and advocacy roles in the health, community services, education, international development and environment fields since the 1980s. Lirata’s consulting practice was established in 2010 by Mark Planigale, originally under the name Mark Planigale Research and Consultancy. Between 2013 and 2015 Dr. Tonya Stebbins and Celia Clapp joined the leadership team, our work grew and our joint consulting practice was renamed Lirata Consulting.

In 2016 we re-structured as a not-for-profit to reflect our core purpose of advancing social justice, and to pursue a broad set of social impact activities. The new organisation, Lirata Ltd, was incorporated on 1 September 2016.

Since 2016 our team has grown to include experts across a wide range of areas relevant to social justice. Our partnerships and the range of our work are always expanding.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide more information on our history, our team, our projects, and our contribution to social justice.

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