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Administration Coordinator
Naarm (Melbourne)
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Hadijah is an experienced administrator with a track record of many years work in the education and hospitality sectors, in Singapore and Australia. Hadijah assists across all areas of Lirata’s corporate systems and provides administrative support to consulting projects as required.

Hadijah has particular skills in financial and payroll administration within the service, hospitality and education industries. Her strong focus and attention to detail, along with great interpersonal skills have supported her work in introducing effective workflow processes.

Hadijah’s past roles in Victoria include administrative positions at Pacificgate International, H & N Services and Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria. Prior to moving to Melbourne in 2010, she worked in the early childhood and primary education sectors in Singapore. Her career was then focused on delivering education support to children aged 2.5 years old to 10 years old while employed at leading education organisations such as Young Women’s Muslim Association, Julia Gabriel Centre, Chiltern House Preschool and the Singapore American School. Hadijah has also provided a needs-based teaching approach to students in various Malay Muslim organisations in Victoria.

Hadijah is passionate about the areas of development and learning in education, technology, management, and community involvement, and enjoys being engaged in community events.


Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Singapore Institute of Management)
Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (Singapore Institute of Management)



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