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Photo of Vivienne Cunningham-Smith
Associate Consultant
Naarm (Melbourne)

Viv has long experience in executive leadership roles across a range of sectors.

Viv has worked in the primary health, early years, child and family and community sectors in New South Wales and Victoria for thirty years. Her senior management appointments include CEO of Eastern Volunteers, CEO of Playgroup Victoria, General Manager of Playgroup Australia, General Manager Primary Health Care Services & Quality for Inner East Community Health, Executive Manager of Barnardos South Coast, and Sector Manager Community Health Services for Illawarra Area Health Service.

Viv has extensive experience in public health. She has managed multidisciplinary community health teams ranging from 10 to over 100 staff, in areas including hospital and medical services, allied health, dental services, sexual health, population health and health promotion. She has also managed alcohol and drug services, and child and family services.

During her 10 years in senior management at Barnados Australia, Viv facilitated the establishment of one of the first integrated early years child and family services based upon emerging brain development research. Viv was also Chair of NSW Family Services during the introduction of the Results Based Accountability methodology to measure the consumer outcomes of family support agencies in NSW.

Viv has run her own outcomes planning and measurement consultancy for many years and works with small to medium not-for-profits to ensure they are able to measure their contribution to outcomes for children, families and communities. Viv is a specialist in development of outcomes-based strategic plans and the development of strategic indicators enabling organisations to measure their progress towards their goals. She is expert in the Results Based Accountability approach which assists organisations to identify and track their outcomes at individual and community levels. 

Viv has long experience in quality improvement. She brings a strong focus on using evidence for practice reflection and service development.


2015 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Franklyn Scholar
1982 Bachelor of Social Studies, University of Sydney


Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Volunteers

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