Violence and power

Safety is a fundamental human need and right. All of us know its importance. But we frequently see violence and coercion used to advance the interests of individuals and social groups, to maintain social hierarchies and to exploit others. The attitudes, behaviours and systems which result in violence impact all of us – not just those directly harmed.

Challenging violence against women and children

We partner with organisations who are at the forefront of keeping people safe from violence, and helping those affected by violence to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives. We have a particular emphasis on supporting organisations who are working to prevent and respond to violence against women and children. We also have a broader focus on supporting work to end domestic and family violence, across all of the diverse groups affected by it.

Resolving conflict without violence

We challenge the use of violence as a political tool and support the development of nonviolent means to resolve conflict. Part of our work is focused on developing and piloting alternate ‘social technologies’ – ways for people to live together and work together that are sustainable, equitable and healthy. This includes a commitment to developing and using nonviolent processes.

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TSA Family Violence Property Strategy
Lirata supported The Salvation Army to develop a national strategy to guide the provision of accommodation for people experiencing family violence. The strategy is accompanied by property action plans for New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.
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