Celebrating diversity

We live in a world of diversity. Our differences in culture, worldview, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, and in our minds and bodies are the source of much of the richness of human life. Sadly, these differences are too often used to devalue and dehumanise others.

We believe that diversity needs to be celebrated and valued, not used as an excuse for oppression.


Celebrating diversity is not enough. Our societies are shaped by histories of colonisation and war, and structures of prejudice, discrimination, social control and power that keep people on the margins. To move toward a safer and more just future, we will need to find effective ways to achieve equity.

We work across many dimensions of diversity and power, but have a particular focus on:

  • Supporting First Nations people and people of colour, and resisting racism
  • Supporting organisations operating on intersectional feminist principles, and addressing sexism
  • Promoting the rights of LGBTIQA+ people, and opposing homophobia, biphobia and transphobia
  • Valuing and supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities, and tackling ableism

Diversity & inclusion toolkit

We are undertaking our own internal program of work to better understand issues of diversity and equity, and to improve how our organisation includes and respects a diverse range of people. Over time, through this process, we will develop an intersectional inclusion toolkit and share it with others.

Lirata's specialists in this area

Key projects

Workforce Mutuality Standards Evaluation
Lirata partnered with HealthWest to evaluate the pilot of a new set of Standards which aim to improve the responsiveness of service provider organisations to the diversity of their communities.
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Strategic Planning: Outer Northern Refugee Health Network
Lirata assisted the Outer Northern Refugee Health Network to develop its inaugural strategic plan, to better meet the complex health and wellbeing needs of people from refugee backgrounds in Melbourne's north.
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