Vital to our collective future

First Nations Peoples and Cultures in Australia and around the world hold knowledge of country and culture that is vital to the future of humanity. Despite centuries of violence, dispossession and injustice, these communities continue to resist oppression and are working to protect and heal their people and cultures.

We support First Nations organisations and communities to pursue their aspirations.

In November 2023, Lirata made a public statement in support of First Nations voices, following on from the unsuccessful referendum to create Constitutional change enshrining an advisory Voice to Parliament for First Nations peoples.

Read the Statement in support of First Nations voices

Reconciliation strategy

Lirata's Reconciliation Strategy outlines our commitment to follow the leadership of First Nations Australians in working toward a vision of First Nations self-determination. We build strong connections with First Nations people so we can make our workplace more inclusive, create jobs, respect First Nations knowledge, and challenge racism.

Lirata acknowledges that First Nations sovereignty was never ceded, and we seek practical and meaningful ways to honour that sovereignty. As part of this, we Pay the Rent as an organisation for our use of First Nations land.

Lirata supports Changing the Date of Australia Day to one that is inclusive of all Australians.

Download Lirata's Reconciliation Strategy (PDF)

Download Reconciliation Strategy Progress Report July 2023 (PDF)


We are building meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships with First Nations led organisations. We have skills and resources to share, and we are also looking to learn from our First Nations colleagues. Over time we hope that these partnerships will play a small role in dismantling the oppressive structures that impact First Nations communities.

Please contact us if you are interested in working together.


We work on joint projects with First Nations led organisations, with a particular focus on evaluation. In these projects we are guided by our project partners and by the First Nations people on our staff and Board.

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