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In Australia’s most disadvantaged communities, one in three children start school developmentally vulnerable. Without additional resources and opportunities, they continue to fall behind as they progress through school.

Ardoch is a children’s education charity which focuses on bridging this gap. Ardoch’s vision is that every child’s potential is realised through full participation in education, and Ardoch’s work focuses on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities. To achieve these goals, Ardoch offers a wide range of programs across areas including Literacy, STEM, and pathways beyond school. As part of these programs, Ardoch also mobilises community and workplace volunteers to support schools.

Ardoch has a strong focus on understanding the effectiveness of its work. Ardoch’s programs aim to strengthen children and young people’s confidence, aspirations, social skills and wellbeing. In turn these are essential elements for enabling full engagement in education and a love of learning.

To develop ways to measure its impact more fully, Ardoch partnered with Lirata. Ardoch already had strong foundations in place for gathering information on its outcomes. Lirata worked collaboratively with Ardoch to strengthen these. We assisted Ardoch to develop an outcomes map covering all program areas, and a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Framework. Although focused on outcomes and impact, the MEL Framework also provides guidance for exploring other dimensions such as program appropriateness, efficiency and sustainability.

Lirata and Ardoch then worked together to develop and refine data collection tools, and Lirata is providing further assistance to upskill Ardoch staff in data analysis and reporting.

Evidence from previous evaluations suggests that Ardoch is contributing to positive outcomes for children and young people. These strengthened impact measurement approaches will further build the evidence base, enabling Ardoch to work even more effectively towards educational equity for all Australian children.

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