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The Advance to Zero methodology works toward a functional zero end to homelessness. This approach seeks to provide efficient and effective responses to people experiencing homelessness, to minimise the time spent homeless and the harms that occur through homelessness. Each Advance to Zero project is a collective impact initiative, which brings together key agencies within a catchment to coordinate service delivery and housing pathways.

In 2023 the City of Melbourne and Launch Housing, in partnership with other key agencies, are moving to implement an adapted functional zero methodology for the City of Melbourne. This model builds on a strong history of collaborative responses to people sleeping rough in Melbourne's CBD and other areas of metropolitan Melbourne, and is delivered under the banner of Melbourne Zero.

Lirata Consulting has assisted the project partners to review data governance arrangements for Melbourne Zero. The focus of the review is to assess and strengthen the system for data governance, providing recommendations to help ensure that data collection and management are robust, secure and ethical across the data lifecycle.

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