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Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia

About this project

Our Watch is a national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia, working to embed gender equality and prevent violence where Australians live, learn, work and socialise. Our Watch’s work builds on the Change the story suite of resources which provides an evidence-based framework for preventing violence against women.

Our Watch's Prevention in Action (PIA) directorate delivers a range of capacity building activities; supports organisations to deliver whole-of-organisation or sector prevention approaches; develops tools and resources; and works with funded organisations to implement prevention activities.

Developing a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning system

Lirata has partnered with Our Watch to develop an integrated and systematic approach to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for the PIA directorate. This includes the development of:

  1. A Theory of Change which connects the key areas of the directorate’s work with intermediate outcomes, long-term impacts and Our Watch's strategic plan

  2. A MEL Framework which provides an integrated approach to monitoring and evaluation across the directorate's portfolio of activities

  3. A suite of data collection and analysis tools aligned with the MEL Framework.


Together these elements provide the foundations for a MEL system which enables Our Watch to strengthen the planning and design of its Prevention in Action initiatives, and to track their reach and effectiveness. This contributes directly to the long-term impact of reducing violence against women and their children.

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Monitoring, evaluation & learning design


Prevention of violence
Family violence

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