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Capture the data you need to manage your projects and services, and analyse the key insights using custom reports and dashboards.

Getting the data you need

Does your organisation struggle with clunky data systems, low data quality, or a lack of reports that focus on the things that matter? If so, you're not alone - many charities and other social purpose organisations face these challenges. But access to quality data is essential for delivery of projects or services, for accountability, and for learning and evaluation. We help you to get the data you need, and to use it well.

Data system design

We are bilingual – we speak both ‘tech’ and ‘social purpose’. We will work with you to help identify your data requirements, and translate these into the detail of data system configuration. Drawing on our experience, we can suggest data fields and outcome measurement approaches that will be of high value in monitoring and evaluating your work.

Which data system?

We provide independent advice on data system procurement (including selection of CRM and reporting systems) to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Data capture

We develop low-cost data collection tools in-house. For more complex solutions, we act as technical liaison with database developers. We can support you to clarify and document data collection processes, and help to train staff to ensure that data is collected reliably and at high quality. We also undertake data audits that identify and address the weak points in your data portfolio.

Making meaning from data

Is your data system a black hole – consuming all data in its vicinity, but never emitting anything of value? We can assist you to develop dashboard reports and detail reports that are easy to use and are focused on the insights that matter to you. We also undertake specialist data analysis when you have deeper questions you want to answer.

Our experience

Lirata's consulting team work with health, community services and education data daily. Since 2010 our consultants have supported government, charities and other social purpose organisations to get the data they need and to use it well.

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Project highlights

What our partner agencies say about us

Photo of Isabel FitzGerald
Isabel FitzGerald
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Research
Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies

Thank you again for all your work with us… it has been a delight to work with you. The team really found the process very interesting and are really impressed with the logic and now the framework!

Really appreciate how smooth the whole process was and how quickly you were able to turn this around for us while including all the consultation and discussions we wanted to have. Thank you Lirata!