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Strengthen your foundations by building the policies, systems, culture and connections to enable long-term sustainability and impact.

Strong foundations

Social purpose initiatives face a multitude of challenges, from scarce funding to internal conflict to the barriers created by harmful social and economic structures. Positive impact takes time. Our organisations and sectors need strong foundations to survive and thrive for the long haul.

Robust governance and management

Lirata supports charities and other social purpose organisations to develop and improve their policies, procedures and organisational systems. We will help you to review and strengthen your governance processes, and your management systems across areas including HR, finance, health and safety, knowledge management, risk and compliance, and more. We assist organisations to prepare for accreditation and to implement quality improvement plans.

A contemporary set of policies and procedures, together with a systems approach to implementation, will ensure you operate efficiently and ethically.

Develop culture, manage change

A positive, supportive and focused culture is a key ingredient in successful social impact work. We provide Human Resources advice to assist you to address internal issues, work through conflict and foster collaboration. We have a specialist HR focus on supporting inclusion and equity. We can also support you to review and strengthen organisational structures, and provide expert change management advice to navigate difficult periods. Our 360 degree performance reviews help to develop leaders and managers through providing constructive, honest feedback.

Build alliances

We bring stakeholders together to find common ground and develop shared agendas for change. We will support your social purpose campaign, network, sector or partnership to strengthen collaboration and integration, enabling collective impact.

Our experience

Lirata's consulting team has been strengthening social purpose organisations and sectors since 2010. Our senior staff have direct experience as leaders and managers of charities and other social purpose organisations. Our consultants have an extensive track record in quality improvement, systems review, change management and alliance building.

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Photo of Isabel FitzGerald
Isabel FitzGerald
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Research
Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies

Thank you again for all your work with us… it has been a delight to work with you. The team really found the process very interesting and are really impressed with the logic and now the framework!

Really appreciate how smooth the whole process was and how quickly you were able to turn this around for us while including all the consultation and discussions we wanted to have. Thank you Lirata!