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Generate knowledge that will guide you, as you develop evidence-based pathways toward social impact.

Locating the evidence

Evidence-based approaches are key to effective social impact work. Without them, we may be wasting our time and resources – or worse, doing harm by further embedding social problems.

We can assist you to locate and make sense of the evidence that is relevant to your work. Sometimes the evidence is internal – the information that sits within the data you hold, or the practice wisdom of your team. Sometimes it is external – literature, third-party datasets, or the insights of your stakeholders. We bring the evidence together and report on it in a form that you can use.

Qual and quant

We are great with stories as well as with stats. We undertake new primary research – helping you to collect data through interviews, focus groups, surveys, workshops, observation and more. We undertake specialist analysis of datasets you hold, and link datasets together for additional insights. We undertake literature reviews and research synthesis, and work in collaboration with academics. Our preferred approach is participatory research in partnership with your team.

The need for new thinking

Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. The social problems that we are working to overcome are complex and entrenched. We are keen to partner with you to develop new thinking, new frameworks and new approaches for achieving positive social outcomes.

Our experience

Lirata's consulting team have been supporting government, charities and other social purpose organisations to conduct research since 2010. Our consultants are skilled qualitative and quantitative researchers who are great at engaging people in collaborative data collection and sense-making. We work with complex education, health and community sector datasets daily.

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Photo of Isabel FitzGerald
Isabel FitzGerald
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Research
Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies

Thank you again for all your work with us… it has been a delight to work with you. The team really found the process very interesting and are really impressed with the logic and now the framework!

Really appreciate how smooth the whole process was and how quickly you were able to turn this around for us while including all the consultation and discussions we wanted to have. Thank you Lirata!