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Define your objectives, develop effective strategies to pursue them, and manage implementation to achieve results.

Strategy matters

We live in a rapidly changing world with high levels of unmet need, and significant social, economic and environmental problems. We need skilful leadership to navigate ourselves to a better future. Much of this leadership needs to come from government, charities and other social purpose organisations. Robust strategy is a key not only to organisational success, but to positive outcomes for our communities.

Clarify vision, objectives and strategies

We design and facilitate planning processes to clarify your vision, define objectives, and develop effective strategies to meet them. We assist you to analyse your strategic and operational environment to understand the drivers affecting you, and the points of leverage and influence available. We help you to draft and refine your strategic plan to communicate your strategy to your key audiences.


We work with organisations, campaigns, partnerships and sectors to facilitate collaborative planning for collective impact. We engage a range of stakeholders to draw on their thinking, develop alignment and generate a shared agenda for change.


Strategy doesn’t create impact until it’s implemented. We will support you to translate strategic thinking into operational plans, work with teams to clarify priorities, and set up efficient reporting and review cycles to monitor progress.

Our experience

Lirata's consulting team have been supporting government, charities and other social purpose organisations with strategic and operational planning since 2010. Our consultants have strong experience as managers leading planning processes within their own organisations, and as consultants facilitating strategy development for others.

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Photo of Isabel FitzGerald
Isabel FitzGerald
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Research
Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies

Thank you again for all your work with us… it has been a delight to work with you. The team really found the process very interesting and are really impressed with the logic and now the framework!

Really appreciate how smooth the whole process was and how quickly you were able to turn this around for us while including all the consultation and discussions we wanted to have. Thank you Lirata!