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Build the knowledge, skills and confidence to make your best contribution to outcomes for your organisation and your community.

Capability enables impact

Positive outcomes don’t occur by accident – they are achieved using knowledge, skill and experience. Lirata’s training and mentoring programs equip social justice workers and leaders with the capabilities needed to achieve results.

Please check our events page for details of upcoming trainings, or contact us about in-house training options for your organisation.

Monitoring & Evaluation training

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) provides key insights, enabling social purpose organisations to become more effective in achieving their goals. Our practical training modules demystify the concepts of MEL. We guide you step by step through the key processes using real-world examples. We also provide mentoring to deepen learning as you apply MEL techniques in your day-to-day work.

Management training

Skilled managers make an enormous difference to an organisation’s sustainability and effectiveness. We assist with training for your management team in communication, planning, managing staff, managing change, and more. Please contact us to discuss in-house training for your organisation.

Leadership coaching

We provide personalised coaching and mentoring for social purpose leaders. Our support helps you to stay sane, positive, and focused on the things that matter. Please contact us for a confidential conversation about coaching options.

Our experience

The members of Lirata's consulting team have been delivering training and mentoring to the leadership and staff of social purpose organisations for decades. Our consultants, trainer and mentors have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas in which they work.

Lirata's specialists in this area

Photo of Kate Randall
Kate Randall
Senior Consultant (Portfolio Lead - Research & Evaluation)

Project highlights

What our partner agencies say about us

Photo of Isabel FitzGerald
Isabel FitzGerald
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Research
Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies

Thank you again for all your work with us… it has been a delight to work with you. The team really found the process very interesting and are really impressed with the logic and now the framework!

Really appreciate how smooth the whole process was and how quickly you were able to turn this around for us while including all the consultation and discussions we wanted to have. Thank you Lirata!